Nia Jewellery


Join us as we take you on the NIA journey.  Simplistic, symbolic design for a complex, meaningful and spirited brand...


Branding with a difference


When developing the Nia logo, we took into consideration the fundamental purpose and meaning behind the brand. To set a reminder to engage in self love, make a promise to empower yourself to practice self worth. The belief system of Nia is to inspire each and every person to realise their true worth. Through the combination of geometric forms and contemporary typefaces, we have successfully conceptualised and created a visual stimulus for the consumer. Each element of Nia's philosophy has been strategically considered and implemented within the logo design. The break down of each element can be seen on the next page. 

It's more than just a logo


This page has been included to visually display the purposeful implementation of the four elements of self love. Illumination, Beauty, Continutiy & Warrior spirit. The Nia concept began with a ring that idenitified the commitment to ones self and their acknowledgement of self worth. The jewellery design incorporated these four elements, which is why we believe is was necessary to consider and implement. You can see how we have done this with the visual ques above. Keeping the Nia brand at the forefront of the design, we needed to include the celtic heritage of the name. The awen celtic symbol (three rays of light) represents the three domains of earth, sky and sea; mind, body and spirit. The Awen was used as the symbol of unity and harmony of the opposites in the universe. 

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Consistency among all touch points


When Karen came to us in 2019 as an incredibly experienced and passionate high-level Jeweller, she told us about a private collection she'd been working on for a long time and wanted help developing the branding, brand language and visual delivery. After spending some quality time with our team in our discovery and strategy sessions, we quickly identified the need for multiple, staged opportunities to bring this beautiful idea to life. NIA was born, we fell in love with the story of NIA, and it's purpose. Karen carefully crafted each piece of the collection to represent self-love, self-acceptance and celebrate the female form. Through the design phase, we took into consideration the brand message and the target demographic. After a few iterations and some manufacturing road bumps, we settled on a packaging solution that was easy, simple and represented that owning a piece of NIA is a forever experience, not a throwaway brand. From there, the design flow was easy; everything from the website to social media and photography just came together. 

NIA women are free-spirited; they seek to understand the secret to happiness, comfortable to embark on a journey of self-discovery. NIA aims to symbolize the art of not only loving yourself but actively choosing yourself first. Society has long bolstered the idea that you must find someone to love you to find lasting happiness in any relationship. Just as the old saying goes, "Before you can love anyone, you must first love yourself" NIA seeks to reignite that fire; making a commitment to yourself means that you will always be truly loved, always and forever, eternally yours.