3 Current Design Trends We Have Found In Our Work

1. The Modern Collage

We have seen the modern collage around for a while now, and trend alerts state it is here to stay. The modern collage blends distinct mediums like photos and vectors to create montages of digital clippings.

Tips to make your own collages!

If you don't know how to use Adobe Photoshop, you can have the same effect by going the classic way. Find some mags, scissors, glue and play around! If you do know Photoshop, creating a collage is quite a simple process, and it can become quite effective straight away. We find using the pen tool to trace around the image is the cleanest and fastest way to crop. Let your imagination run wild and don't limit yourself to the frame.

2. Open Compositions

After years of keeping space between our work and the edge, we are going beyond the strict borders. Allowing ourselves and the viewer to create a world beyond what we see. These designs usually embrace white space, and you can only see part of the image.

Tips to create your own open compositions!

Simply don't be afraid to design outside the box.

3. The Liquid Effect

Designers can easily improvise and create their own unique take on liquid effects given there are so many different states. This trend offers freedom to the design. The overall effect is quite flowing and mystical.

Tip to create the liquid effect! We find the easiest and most effective way is to use Adobe Illustrator. On here, the 'warp' tool can give an array of options. The rest of it is up to you! Always keep in mind if you are manipulating typography, you still want the viewer to be able to read your message. So show others your artwork as you already know what the words are.

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