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Updated: Mar 18

Success is not linear: The road to the top of the mountain is windy

Whoever decided to depict success as an upwards graph had it all wrong. Success in life and in business has never been a linear path. You can’t follow the same route someone else took either because each person’s mountain is different, complete with its own set of ravines, holes, and detours.

And while we’re at it with this picture-perfect analogy, let’s also clarify what success actually means. Success is not a destination, it’s not the top of the mountain with majestic views. In actual fact, the mountain grows as you climb. Each time you reach a goal, a new one appears. Sometimes, it’s not even a new goal but a new challenge that threatens the success of your last goal. Sound familiar?

The road to success is rocky and jagged (and that’s okay)

This real-life journey is true for everyone. Very few successful people portray it this way when they give motivational speeches and coaching programs. Would you buy a program if they actually told you how hard the journey can be? sounds totally disheartening. But now you’re already on the path and you can relate to this explanation, it should come as a beacon of hope. If you thought your path to success is not real or right because your journey has not been a smooth upward one, the way everyone else depicts it, you must be doing something wrong. You are absolutely not. That’s the rocky nature of it.

The difference between giving up and giving it a go

Knowing success is a road is defined by curveballs and challenges, with detours and delays, is a reality. It cannot be sugar coated. Anything worth having is worth digging in and giving it your best shot. There will be those who stop trying altogether. These challenges are part of the journey, without them, you won’t reach success. Yes, they are frustrating and they come disguised as obstacles that hold you back. Seeing them as lessons to strengthen you for your success. Consistent strides towards improvement will yield periods of plateaus, periods of tremendous growth and success, and those pesky setbacks. It’s all healthy, normal, and part of the process.

The adapt-and-overcome method for achieving success

There’s no set method for achieving success. No one can teach you how to do it with a set of rules and guidelines. Success is a series of challenges that are overcome, each as it arrives based on the situation. How to handle those challenges is unique to you, your business, and your goals. The idea behind the adapt and overcome strategy is that you have to employ a degree of flexibility.

Different challenges will demand a different version of you. Those who can wear many hats will have greater success as they adapt to what each situation demands of them.

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