Don’t Panic but DO Get urgent! Now is NOT the time for panic, it’s time to roll up your sleeves!

Don’t Panic but DO Get urgent! Now is NOT the time for panic, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, dig deep and prepare yourself for hard work. You will be faced with some seriously tough decisions over the coming months. The saying ”procrastination kills opportunities” couldn’t be more relevant right now.

Get moving, don’t stand still and freeze in the face of adversity! A moving target is MUCH harder to hit. Try new things quickly. Try new ways to market, look at different demographics, offer things you’ve never offered before, remarket to your current clients, following or database. If something doesn’t work don’t flog the dead horse, put it down and move on QUICKLY. Try something else. Have a road table with your friends and family. Send an email to your database asking them what they want from you in order to keep them loyal and engaging with you.

Don’t stop marketing!

When shit hits the fan the first thing that most companies do is cut the marketing budgets in order to save jobs and operations ticking.

This could be your golden opportunity to rise to the top of a flooded market, outrank and outsmart your competitors with a new aggressive marketing plan. Remember this pandemic is not going to last forever, don’t miss your chance to get to the front of the pack. This could be the thing that gets you in the game.

Energy is VITAL!

Keep your energy in check. You will be feeling anxious and exhausted just from running your existing business let aloe on tin the middle of a frickin pandemic! You will need every ounce of energy you can spare.

  • Get some sleep.

  • Drink more water.

  • Watch something funny at least once a day.

  • Stock up on vitamins and if you are like most people who buy them and forget to take them, set a timer to remind you or put them near your first routine of the day.

  • Exercise (sorry it's now more important than ever!).

Actually LEAD!

It’s not just something you say for marketing kudos. Make the tough calls, think differently, ask for help, reach out, combine, collaborate and keep innovating. There are so many golden opportunities that will sit inside this crisis, you just have to rise above the playing field to see.

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