Our Vision Board... and why it is important!

Yesterday, the beinc team sat down and got crafty! Now, it wasn't just an excuse to drink wine and talk cool shit. Creating a vision board was important to us to cultivate an emotional connection with our brand that will help motivate and drive our vision. At beinc, we have a dream that we truly believe in and this is the visual representation of just this.

We contemplated sharing our vision with you all, thinking it may be too personal. But then our voice of reason (Natalie) reminded us that our team goes beyond the people who sit within these four walls. We see you all as our team which is why we want to share the vision. So here it is! The passion, desire, and drive that will set the stage for world-changing ideas. Are you with us?

The benefits of creating a vision board

1. Create an emotional connection that motivates you and your team

2. Begin to believe in the possibilities of your brands dream

3. Get clarity on what you want from you business and where you want to go!

How to create an effective vision board

1. Get clear on your vision and your brand

2. Create a folder and obtain images with Google search, buy magazines from op shops, ask staff for unwanted magazines

3. Get wine, get scissors, get glue, GET CRAFTY!

4. Flick through pages, cut out images, organise images and stick!

Reminder: this is YOUR vision board, get crafty, go with your gut and have fun!

Sometimes we send cool shit.

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