Setting Goals & Completing Tasks

Setting goals will give you clarity and focus on what you want to achieve. However sometimes, even with the best intentions it becomes hard to focus if you don't have your goals in front of you. Writing your goals down and setting yourself tasks to complete is the easiest way to stay focused and not get distracted. At the beinc. head office our favourite tools to use to ensure we are on target are our Non-Negotiable List and Broken List.

Non-Negotiable List

On the left side of the non-negotiable list are the TASKS - this is where we list the important things we must do everyday (e.g check emails, social media posts, client content…etc). On the right side are the SPRINTS - things that come up that require urgent attention. We laminate this sheet and use a white board marker to tick off what we have done and when. We also can write down and mark off each sprint as they come up and are completed.

Broken List

Our broken list is a rolling list of things that is constantly being updated – we add to it daily and cross off the tasks as they are completed. This list consists of things that aren't necessarily time sensitive but need to stay at the fore front of our minds. Writing the task on the broken side and what is required on the action side, means that anyone in our office can see the list and know what to do.

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