Women's Network Australia


At the end of 2017 Hayley Birtles-Eades, our Founder was invited to feature on the front cover of the Women's Network Australia magazine sharing her 22 years of business experience in a 3 page featured article.  Of course, the offer was accepted.  

At the end of 2017, we met with Janelle Bostock, the new owner of Women's Network Australia; she had recently purchased a business that had been going for over 26 years and was looking for ways to reinvigorate the brand and its following. WNA was a long-standing brand the overall delivery, look and feel was tired, run-down, and leaving the members of the organisation looking for other places to gain valuable business insights and support; resulting in flailing member numbers low as 47 recurring members. The objective for WNA was clear. This brand needed reinvigorating and was in dire need of attention. Janelle was the dream client; she listened, she implemented and did everything we told her to do; over 24 months, we completely transformed the brand. We took the time to get to know the current clients and their needs. It was important not to alienate the current valuable members whilst attracting new high-quality members. One of the things that kept coming up was that they felt that the network had turned into more of a travelling market stall than a quality respected small business support network with members who could add value to the existing and future members. We spent thousands of hours in consultation, strategy and advisory sessions with Janelle as we worked together to turn the WNA brand around and create a network worth going to. 

Over 2 years, the transformation was and still is one of the most incredibly inspiring and successful strategies we have ever executed. The beinc team created a beautiful new brand, the graphics, the strategy, and created brand new opportunities that lifted the network so that it was able to attract a high-quality member. Working closely with Janelle, we developed the pricing strategy, the look, the feel and the full brand language of the organisation. We created the first digital magazine for WNA, bringing it forward and aligning with new and emerging technologies; the magazine proved to be a valuable resource. Attracting people like Tracey Mathers, Elena Gosse and other industry leaders to the network, it wasn't long before our target demographic saw WNA as a valuable organisation that they were happy to bring their associates and friends to. Hayley (our CEO) was offered the National Ambassador role, symbolising the dedication and commitment to the reinvention of WNA; she sat in this role throughout the entire 2-year project.

Working with Janelle and WNA was unique as we were very involved in the events that were being created and co-created the Behind the Brand series, which were held at the Queensland Cricketers Club. Hayley and the team selected and targeted specific industry leaders to become advocates for the network, helping to grow its reach and make it effortless for new targeted members to join and attend the events. Through this process, we helped WNA create the largest Christmas party event the organisation had ever held. Our monthly subscription-based model enabled WNA to have full access to our suite of services and proved to be a hugely successful partnership that reflects through its continued success today.


Branding with a difference


Women’s Network Australia is commonly remembered with the abbreviation WNA. Focusing on this abbreviation allows for easy recognition and a simplifed, strong logo. The connection between the W and N reflects the core purpose of WNA- connecting and networking. 

In order to create a logo that could represent a growing organisation, ‘Australia’ is placed below the WN to ensure the logo remains simple, strong and flexible. The location- ‘Australia’ - can easily be altered to represent any other location. WN ‘brisbane’, WN ‘Queensland’ or WN ‘New Zealand’. The logo allows for limitless expansion. 

The primary Women’s Network logo is strong, simple, dynamic, feminine and professional. The aim of the logo is to reflect the connectivity and networking focus of WNA, while giving the organisations branding a stronger feel. 

Leverage your mediums. 


A key strategy we used when reinventing Women's Network Australia was to make the network accessible to a wider targeted audience. For 25 years WNA had produced a print magazine that served as a promotional business tool for the members. Whilst the magazine maintained its ability to stay in circulation it became very apparent that the costs to produce and its distribution was dwindling.  The beinc team spent many months workshopping the launch into the new digital format that enabled the members to reach a global market that was no longer limited to a 2,000 print reach.  In a matter of months, the reach increased exponentially to tens of thousands of readers and subscribers.