"I think beinc, therefore   

I am." 

- Rene Descartes

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We locate, define and maximise opportunity to inspire change


Our Why 

Over the past few years Beinc has created some pretty epic next level shit! Everything we do is about attention and what to do with it. We exist to prove to that attention seeking is not only NOT a negative thing but it is an ESSENTIAL part of growth and influence in any business.


If you were like me growing up you were probably told that attention seeking was a bad thing and that attention seekers were the naughty ones, the ones to avoid. I have been immortalised in the school report cards of the 80s and 90s as an attention seeker. Not only am I an attention seeker (marketer) but I’m a try hard (hard worker), disruptive (ideas person) and have an over inflated opinion of myself (confident).


Is all attention good attention? Attention is IMPERATIVE if you want to influence, inform, sell or if you have something to say and you need people to listen. What you do with the attention is everything… You can do terrible things with attention just as easily as you can do great things.


Either way you NEED attention if you are in business. After all if no one pays attention to you or your message, how do you get them to give you the time of day when it comes to an offering from you or your business?


Lucky for you the team at Beinc are bunch of attention seeking, disruptive try hards that think we are f*cking amazing at what we do. Ready and willing epic humans, doing epic shit ready to do whatever it takes to get results and get you that attention you’ve been craving.

Start getting the attention you deserve.


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